Barrettlessons is recognised as a local business in Belchertown

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Two Acoustic guitar duets written,arranged,and played by David Barrett and his guitar student Alice

Your never to young to be creative!  Piano, Drum, Guitar student Jillian, who was a  kindergartener at the time came in with the poem "Reflections In The Water".  I played some chords on the piano and she started singing and we came up with this.   All instruments David Barrett

Drum student Mathew, drum and guitar student Dakota, drum and bass student Louis,  guitar student Ashley.  These students got together here at Barrettlessons and created this.   I played a little guitar and helped some with the song writing and arranging but this is mostly their work.

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Drum student Eva plays drums and sings "The Game" a blues written by Eva and David Barrett.  Her father overdubbed harp and David Barrett played all other instruments.